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Morning Sun Seed offers GoldenHarvest Corn products in a wide variety of maturities.  Check out our top products and traits for 2023! For more information, please visit contact page and

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Top Varieties ​2022-2023

  •  G08D29-D & AA (RM: 108) -- Artesian Hybrid, exceptional drought tolerance. Excellent stalks and roots for long season standability. Performs well under wide range of populations. 
  • G08R52-V (RM: 108) -- Viptera Hybrid, broadly adaptable in dry or moisture stressed environments.
  •  G10D21-DVZ &VZ (RM: 110) -- High Yield Potential. Plant at higher populations, broadly adaptable with great disease package.        
  •  G11V76-D & AA (RM: 111) -- Versatile across all soil types. Great emergence and grain quality. 
  •  G12S75-D (RM: 112) -- Great all season standability, strong disease package. Great ear flex that provides population flexibility. 
  • G15J91-V ​(RM: 115)-- Broadly adaptable product, also strong fit for drought-prone soil types. Outstanding roots and stalks, good ear flex for population flexibility.
  • G17E95-3110 (RM: 117) -- Semi-flex ear, dependable root and stalk strength

Corn Traits ---

  • DuracadeViptera (DV) -- 5222 E-Z Refuge (Above/Below Ground Protection)
  • DuracadeViptera Z3 -- 5332 E-Z Refuge  (Above/Below Ground Protection)
  • Duracade (D) -- 5122 E-Z Refuge (Above/Below Ground Protection)
  • Agrisure Total (AT) -- 3122 E-Z Refuge​ (Above/Below Ground Protection)
  • Viptera (V) -- 3220 E-Z Refuge (Above Ground Protection)
  • Viptera Z3 (VZ) -- 3330 E-Z Refuge (Above Ground Protection)
  • Agrisure Aboved (AA) -- 3120 E-Z Refuge (Above Ground Protection)