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Top Traits2017

  •  Agrisure Viptera -- Controls against broad lep/corn borer/rootworm. The Viptera 3111 stack controls 14 above and below ground pests, which controls more insects than any other strait stack.
  •  Agrisure Artesian -- Controls against corn borer/rootworm. Increases the yields when moisture is limited, stabilizes yields where moisture is variable.
  • Agrisure E-Z Refuge -- Offers a 5% refuge blend in the bag. Available in a 3220 (control against broad lep and corn borer) and 3122 (control against broad lep, corn borer, and rootworm).
  •  GoldenHarvest knows trait technologies, check out the others available! Meet with us today, to place the best product and trait technology on your farm!

Top Varieties ​2018

  •  G07B39-3111A (RM: 109) -- Artesian Hybrid, exceptional drought tolerance. Top-end yield with strong emergence. Taller plant, semi-flex ear. ***AVAILABLE IN ENOGEN (E107B3-3011A)***
  •  G11F16-3111A (RM: 111) -- Outstanding yield potential with Artesian technology.  Peforms well across all soil types, excels in poorly drained soils.  Semi-flex ear type, shorter plant type and large modified root system. **AVAILABLE IN ENOGEN (E111F1-5122A)***
  •  G11U58-3122 (RM: 111) -- Consistent variety, adapts over many environments. Great standability and drought tolerance to support high yields. ***AVAILABLE IN ENOGEN (E111B8-3000GT)***         
  •  G14R38-3000GT (RM: 114) -- Strong emergence and yield performance.  Very good root and stalk strength. Excellent choice for continuous corn acres. Known for it's consistency.
  •  G16K01-3111 (RM: 116) -- Broadly adapted product with high yield potential.  Yields well in high disease environments. True flex ear, plant at lower populations. ***AVAILABLE IN ENOGEN (E116K4-3000GT)***
  • G18D87-3000GT ​(RM: 118)-- Broadly adaptable product. Strong choice for highly productive irrigated or dryland systems. Tall plant type, with high yield potential.​​ ***AVAILABLE IN ENOGEN (E118D8-3000GT)***

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Morning Sun Seed offers many GoldenHarvest & Enogen Corn varieties in several maturity ranges.  Check out our top PRODUCTS and TRAITS for 2018!

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