Corn and Soybean Product Specialists



Morning Sun Seed offers multiple varieties of GoldenHarvest Soybeans in the Enlist and XtendFlex line.  Our TruBulk Handling System & Seed Treater allows flexibility on quantity and a variety of seed treatments. 


TOP varieties

GH3132E3 (Enlist)

  • Widely Adaptable, medium plant height
  • Great defense package
  • Good performance in clay soils

GH3192XF (XtendFlex)

  • Versatile product, excels in high-yielding environments
  • Good defensive package
  • Medium-tall plant height, flexible for any soil type.

GH3442XF (XtendFlex)

  • Top-end yield potential with solid disease package
  • Medium plant height, great across all soil types

GH3582E3 (Enlist)

  • Very strong yields, widely adaptable
  • Reliable SDS Tolerance
  • ​Medium plant height that performs great across geographies

GH3902E3S (Enlist)

  • Variable acres with top-end yield for high productive soil types. 
  • Great SDS and Frogeye Leaf Spot tolerance
  • Tall plant, consistent across all soils