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We have multiple varieties in RR2Y, Xtend, and Liberty Link.  Contact us at Morning Sun Seed for more information on varieties and

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TOP varieties

s30-V6 (RR2Y)

  • Outstanding SDS tolerance, with a very strong emergence
  • Capable of handling moderate drought stress environments
  • Broad adaptability/Medium plant height with medium canopy

GH3324X (Xtend)

  • Strong emergence, and excellent disease package (including SDS and Frogeye tolerance)
  • Works well in all soil types but favors heavier ground
  • Medium-tall plant height with medium canopy and good standability. 

GH3982X (Xtend)

  • Excellent choice for medium to well drained fields
  • Strong SDS and Frogeye Leaf Spot defense package.
  • Medium-tall, medium-bush variety with excellent emergence.​


Morning Sun Seed offers multiple varieties of NK Soybeans.  We also have a new Bulk Handling System offering three varieties.  We are able to offer seed treatments, inoculant, graphite and talc. Come check out our new facility!